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An Innovative Leader.

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Diverse Medical Management is leading the Medical/Psychiatric Services Industry by Providing Enhanced Services, Relationships and Profitability to Healthcare Facilities Across the Nation

Who Is Diverse Medical Management?

Diverse Medical Management, Inc. (DMM) is an innovative leader in the field of skilled medical, behavioral health and addiction care.

DMM’s executive management team has worked alongside some of the nation’s top medical and psychiatric minds to develop curriculum and service lines that provide solutions to increase care for our senior citizens and address the rapidly growing epidemic of mental illness and addiction illness across the nation.

To shy away from the stigma associated with the term “mental illness” has become the norm for most providers. At DMM, we remain steadfast in our commitment to aid patients in combatting mental illness, and instilling programs and systematic treatments that provide an improvement in mental health and a sense of comfort and hope.

Our Services

DMM has developed a national reputation and following due to our implementation of three innovative and one-of-a-kind healthcare programs:

Senior Care

We offer a full array of senior care services in nursing homes. From pre-admission screening to long-term care on-site management.

Substance Abuse

DMM is committed to fighting the nationwide epidemic stemming from addiction to prescription narcotics. Our unique "Intensive Outpatient Program" (IOP) is one of the most effective curriculums in the market.

Rural Health Hospital Program

Our groundbreaking rural health hospital alliance program that exponentially expands the care of most medically underserved rural communities across the country.

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