From birth to end of life, DMM is committed to being the solution to a large problem, and we do so through our industry-leading programs.

Senior Care

Substance Abuse Treatment

Rural Health Hospital Program

Senior Care

DMM's exclusive "Continuum of care" program:

  • Greatly simplifies and exponentially expands the care of senior patients.

  • Allows our contracted nursing homes or senior living communities the luxury of utilizing a singular service company to adhere to all of the facility’s in-house patient needs.

  • Incorporates quality measure compliance, medical rounds, daily skilled rehabilitation rounds, psychiatric medication management supervision, wound care, and transportation services at each of our contracted facilities.

  • Creates alliances with local hospitals and health care facilities to provide our patients the care they need and deserve, and that their families expect.

  • Reduces the readmission rates and saves both the hospital and nursing home money while increasing the care each patient receives.

In addition to the "Continuum of Care" program, DMM is proud to provide:

  • Long term Care On-Site Medical/Psychiatric Management

  • Care Coordination

  • Quality Measures Compliance

  • Staff Education/Training

  • Emergency On-Call

  • Pre-Admission Consultation and Screening

  • InPatient Psychiatric Care Placement

  • Census Development

Substance Abuse Treatment

DMM is committed to fighting the nationwide epidemic stemming from addiction to prescription narcotics. Our unique "Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

  • Focuses on both the physical and mental issues related to addiction.

  • Includes close collaboration with local court systems, DA’s, probation offices, and parole offices to address the crisis.

  • Is the most thorough curriculum on the market.


Specific services include:​

  • DUI Instruction Classes

  • Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment

  • Co-occurring Disorders Evaluation and Treatment

  • Mental Health Case Management

  • Psychoeducational Therapies (Parenting, Divorce, Anger Management)

  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations

  • Psychotherapy/Counseling (Individual, Family, and Group)

Rural Health Hospital Program

DMM has devised and implemented a groundbreaking rural health hospital alliance program that exponentially expands the care of most medically underserved rural communities across the country.

Because of the demographics in rural communities, it is more difficult to persuade physicians to relocate their practice to an area that is predominately comprised of Medicaid paying patients. As a result, the Medicaid population in these rural communities is left without the appropriate access to good, quality medical care.


Our groundbreaking rural health  hospital alliances program is focused on addressing this critical problem.

To do this, we form an alliance with the rural health hospital and implement our business model into the hospitals, including, without limitation, our innovative continuum of care program, to build a stable and viable medical care option for the underserved rural community.


Our rural health hospital alliances program is successful because we focus on improving healthcare as a whole; not just improving the healthcare at the rural health hospital.


Once aligned with the rural health hospital, we look for area nursing homes/senior care facilities, as well as home health organizations, to work together with to provide the continuum of care local communities need and deserve.


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